C’est Noël!

Christmas, Christmas, Christmas!

Have loved it forever, but now, even more! With Arya running around the Christmas tree and being insanely happy over the lights and the decoration… it’s a whole new experience!

I’ve always looked at Santa Clause with a sense of sweetness, now whenever I look at him, I wonder what conversation my baby girl is having with him. It’s so fairylike for a one-year-old baby girl to experience this… she transcends so much magic, knowing that there is so much more for her to grasp! I can only imagine how it’s going to be in the coming few years!

Decorations, lights, tree, music and incredible corner pieces are all set in place, waiting for the big evening and for the even bigger day! Christmas eve is with the family… dinner, loud gifts and lots of laughs, but Christmas day is the gentleness of a warm morning, filled with hot chocolate, last minutes presents and tons of cuddles. Without forgetting of course, matching holiday socks and XL warm pjs.

This might be the shortest post I’ve had in a while, but trust me, such energy needed a place to be read! We’re all preparing for the big day and the amazing gifts… but for me it’s also a time to give to those who much need it and perhaps are facing a difficult turn in life.

Time to roll up your sleeves and gift away.
C’est Noël, and that’s the only spirit that matters – give with joy.

Much more to come on the holidays, but for now, Merry Christmas!



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