Concrete Motivation

The holiday spirit is over – almost – and 2017 has officially kicked in. Back in the office, back to emails, back to the dynamic days that I love! Unfortunately, this new year brought along a tragic beginning with the loss of friends and loved ones in a terrorist attack Turkey nightclub on New Year’s eve.

It’s a somber way to start the coming 365 days that we were all looking forward to with such hope and kindness.

It brought me to think of everything I’ve worked for, do dream of still and those I’ve lost for life. When you lose a person who’s so dear to your heart, it puts everything – literally – into perspective. I don’t want to reminisce or remember with a heavy heart, but it’s a fact that no one can deny.

So, with the good memories on my mind, I want to celebrate them. We go by our days thinking that there is “repeat” button somewhere or that we can erase cruel words, or edit actions. Well we can’t. We can work hard to make it up, but it’s never the same. Once we realize this, it becomes instinctive to live life to the fullest extent, in the best possible way.

I’m not saying go skydiving if you’re afraid of heights, or go diving if you’re claustrophobic. Instead, live by your rules, live fully. Don’t hold back, never sleep angry, regretting something is better than second guessing your every move, know better (try not to regret or “what-if” yourself too much). Enjoy the small treasures that life has to offer, they’re enclosed in the simplest of things. Exercise. Cook. Don’t deny yourself the pleasure of dressing up and stepping out of your comfort zone with confidence. There are so many sun rays to catch… so many drops of water to wash off the dust! And more often than not, when you start looking around, you’ll see motivation and positive energy in the most unexpected corners.

Magic is not an illusion, and sometimes it’s really concrete… There is so much of it in the world; you have 365 days this year, look for it and live it all!

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