Dash of Inspiration

I had an interesting conversation with a very good friend of mine today; about living off your passion. It’s so difficult to be able to materialize what you love, into your daily occupation, but even more difficult is to figure out what it is that you love in the first place.

It’s really baffling when you think about it. What you always thought you wanted might change… but sometimes it doesn’t. It’s like finding true love… the real partner, the one that is always there for you no matter what, the one that you always love, no matter what. It’s a two-way street when you think about it.

I’m not comparing or defining love and work here… love is not work and vice versa; in this case actually it’s neither about love nor about work. It’s about the way you react, the way you feel in your skin and show yourself to the world… it’s about you. It’s a fact; we spend more time at work than we do at home with the people we love. I’d say that finding what you love doing is a pretty important commitment!

But we don’t all start off our careers doing exactly what we want to be doing. There is SUCH a ladder… so many obstacles and challenges that at times we end up losing sight of what it is that we love, and instead get entangled, so deeply, in the journey. Sometimes we even change our minds, and that’s fine too. But even challenges have a happy ending. The key is not to lose focus and to know that everything we do, ends eventually; everything we come across, fades too. Only realization and appreciation allow you to persistently have a reality check, assessing whether you’re in the right direction, or in a direction that you want at all…

When we grasp how temporary moments are, how irreplaceable they can be, we start appreciating them more. The good times are incredible; the bad times are needed lessons. When we take it all in with grace and passion, we end up working harder towards our goal, happier and healthier, every step of the way.

Plan it all, plan it well, but keep in mind that things change, surprises come along. With the right attitude, staying the course, and adding some change, spicing it up with some new ideas; it might actually end up inspiring you even more. Eventually, what you love doing, will look even better than when you started and you, you’d feel more confident too. Who knows? You might discover hidden talents and explore their possibilities… That would mean branching out energy, seeking creativity, amassing inspiration; everything you come across is a venture to enrich your notions.

You grow with your dreams and blossom with your inspiration. Look around you for a muse but my wish to you is to realize that you are your own inspiration too. Everytime you assess a situation: look at yourself from the outside; look at where you were and where you are now. Compare yourself along the journey, to you. You’d surprise yourself and inspire your thoughts even more.

So what are you waiting for?
Plan… work towards something, look-out and look-in for small signs. This IS your drive.

Good luck and have fun along the way!

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