Hello ‘Change’ !

I’ve been waking up recently with a pressing need to change. Not radical shifts in life, but you know, a few things that embellish it. Hair cut, some travel, new adventures, spice up the wardrobe with some fashionable items…

Dressing up in my usual businessy attires, shirts, tops, pants and pencil skirts, I needed to divert a bit from the regular color and type patterns. Additional piece to my wardrobe made their way to my closet, white-ish and nudes colors – and I’m so in love with them – and different new jewelry too (love love them!).

When I say additional and different I mean out of my regular “comfort type”. Similar to a comfort zone… you know when you visit and stay in those areas where you’re most familiar and at ease in. You don’t want to risk it. Well I decided to explore the other levels that dwell in my personality. Not a new me, not completely out of my comfort level; I’m not reinventing myself. But I’m upgrading? Yes, that makes sense.

It started with a haircut… I went from long hair to a short bob! I rushed into a tattoo shop… got the tattoo that I’ve been yearning for: my daughter’s name – second is in the process of being planned: my late dad’s resounding advice, “smile to life.” He was a power of motivation! Although I carry both in my heart and in mind, I wanted to carry them in every way. I didn’t go for crazy biceps cartoons, but subtle wording [maybe a bird at its end? We’ll see] and an arrow. Simple, straight and completely me.

It’s a fact: we never go backward, the only way is forward, looking ahead. Maybe that’s why I’m choosing such changes. And if at times, we hit a setback or a challenge, it’s ok to take it a few steps backwards… at the end of the day, the bow will need to move back a bit, in order to propel its arrow forward.

That’s where we head everyday, with all the memories, hopes and plans. Nothing that we have can ever be broken; no one that we lose can ever be replaced – they grow and we grow along with them. Sometimes we grow together, other times apart.

If we live with the realization that everything counts, and that we should live it all, with an open mind and a motivation to cease every second… we’ll make the best out of our days, and nothing will ever be wasted.

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