That Moment When you Remember…

Lately it’s been all about remembering. Just to be clear… I’m talking about random points in time… unwavering memories – sort like the northern star. Life-altering moments that sign your path.

I’m referring to those specific moments in your past that attract the universe to you, around which most of your life is built and revolves. I don’t mean this as a scientific explanation, or maybe there is one… But consider this.

Remember an exact instant in your past… revisit it, how you felt, how you reacted. That time always leads to yet another place and so on so forth. By looking at one picture, you unravel so much more and visit so many memories that you thought were buried deep, or even forgotten.

Remembering those beautiful times, after so many years have passed, it’s like reliving them but with the wisdom that you’ve acquired through the years. It makes you cherish more what you hold dear today, makes you realize where you are and where you want to be, but most of all, helps your fact-check yourself.

We all need a reminder to truly look at our present, and not simply get carried away with our day-to-day chores. To appreciate and enjoy are difficult tasks – especially when you get on a train and never take a breath to look around. You miss so much of what’s around you.

I have a few points in time where my mind drifts to; they attract my present every now and then and make sure that it is full of meaning, lo ve and appreciation. One memory takes me back today – it’s my dad. It’s been already 9 years… I can’t even put them into words to try to explain how my mind wraps around itself trying to make sense of such an immense absence.

But this memory added a whole new motto to every path I undertake… to seize the day. Not in a beautifully displayed bumper stick way, but in its form and meaning. To give second chances, to sleep every night knowing that I’ve done my best to be happy, to spread positivity and remind those I love that they are my most precious of treasures.

Balancing my life, fun, family, hard work, travel, learning and an ambitious career are my equation and lifestyle… being happy and appreciating are the spices that, for me, make a whole lot of difference.

On this day, as my specific moment in time unravel itself on the 13th of March, it takes me back 9 years ago, but for me, today, it’s different. It makes me thankful and warm of this memory, not aching. I don’t remember you with pain, I look at you in my memories with fondness, for you have taught me to be a warrior and a gentle soul, knowing that life although painful in some instances, carries so much love in others – offsetting every balance and bringing in every magic.

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