Mothers & Women

I wanted to write this on International Women’s Day but then thought of keeping it for This Day: Mother’s Day. Not trying to make a political statement here, but you’re either a mother or you have one and in both cases it should be celebrated.

Being a mother might not be everything to a woman. And it’s understandable… upbringing, plans and each one of us has a different reflection of her inner self, who she wants to be and who she wants to become.

But if you happen to be one, you know the exact definition of unconditional love. This is not just a bumper sticker or a Hallmark greeting card… it’s actually true. When you see your kid grow and transform from a baby who only sleeps and eat to a person who has preferences, tries to communicate, smiles because she sees you and checks up every 5 minutes to make sure you’re there… this does not only make your heart skip thousands of beats… it throws you into an all caring and emotional universe.

I look at my baby girl, and both her dad and I are mystified by her spirit. It’s such a miracle to see the tiniest traits of yourself reflected in her personality, in her soul. It’s fascinating… and with each passing day it’s even more captivating.

The funny thing, I still see this fascination in my mom’s eye, until today. And this alone, makes me think. When I think of Arya, I project a life, full of details, full of drive and positivity. When I think of mom, I’m overwhelmed with sweetness, kindness and courage.

The mix of emotions and rationality that a mother reflects in her daily tasks is truly a village with 100 people working full-time jobs. It’s exhausting to say the least, but comes so naturally that it makes you wonder.

It’s a crazy kind of love – even movies failed to exaggerate this feeling and connections that mothers have with their kids. A woman, by all means is resourceful, sensual, determined, ambitious and has an infinity of capabilities when decisive and confident. A mother is all the above and yet carries an aspect, a Pandora’s box that is only and conditionally opened when becoming one.

Mother’s Day is for all women, we’re either one, or we have one… No matter what, it’s for every woman who’s following her dream with ambition, passion, and love. It takes a woman to make real magic happen. Most fairies are women anyway… I guess Disney had it figured out all along!

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