Vintage & Royal – For the Bold & the Beautiful

I’ve recently discovered a whole new love for jewelry. I’m not talking about the exorbitant prices of uniquely cut and breathtaking brand designs that fit like a glove. I’m talking about a more personal type of jewelry. See, in my quest to change my jewelry wardrobe, I committed myself into finding something that speaks to me – not everyone.

This is not to diminish of the beautiful high-end brands, but to put more of me when choosing a piece of art that I will be eventually wearing. My long lost love is for rings. You know how we say that accessories and jewelry compliment your outfit? Well, they seriously do! They spice it up, tone it down, dazzle and enchant, all at the same time.

How you decide to flatter your hands, is really up to you, there are infinite ways you could go! Whether when I design, or buy a piece, I imagine it first. It carries an experience and a story. I want to be able to stack a few rings up, wear them side-by-side, play with the colors, combine the gorgeous stones, diversify the message…

When choosing a ring – or any piece of jewelry for that matter – it’s a relationship… it should choose you too, speak to you. It’s not about price, or brand, it’s about being able to identify, to reflect a part of who you are in what you’re buying.

Moving from the standard, to the vintage, classic and royal touch, I fell in love with the Mukhis. The best way I know to describe the Mukhi Sisters is being a jewelry concept store. These ladies create uniquely crafted designs, it seriously fits every taste and every look, with an incredible source of energy of positivity.

Their signature ring, Fleur de Lys is something else though. Rooted in the heart of the form of purity and royalty, the Mukhi’s design of the ring, includes a beautifully embraced stone, upheld in the heart of two concave flowers. Among the various stones that are there, each carries a unique inkling and aspect of life, with a touch of diamonds. This time, the red garnet chose me.

A deep sensual stone, reflecting fire, purification and love, the red garnet speaks volumes when it comes to energy and sensuality. Protective, energetic and confident, will dress you in a royal deep red, at all times!

It was obvious then that I moved from my “safe jewelry zone” … I didn’t leave it, I just wanted to add to it. My fascination with the Fleur de Lys was contagious; I had to compliment the look with my newfound love for vintage pieces. Here came, majestically, the Queen Vicky ring, a royal yellow gold with brown diamonds and an oval ruby in the middle.

These stand-alone pieces are only more accentuated in terms of value and elegance when mixed with different styles. You can go super modern with queen Vicky on the side, or even stacked champagne diamond rings with the Fleur de Lys.

Oh and let’s not forget the pinky trend! But that’ll be in a whole different piece!
Ciao! M.

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