Gioielli Da Vivere

In search of personal touches and unique pieces – it’s only normal to resort to tailor-made items, be it bags, jewelry, clothing. Initials and monograms have taken over the fashion industry like no other. True, it’s a trend that filled all brands and lines with options to add your name, logo, colors, they even labeled it as “design your own”, but it’s one that is also far from being over. The sky is the limit in fashion, and personalization seems to be in its initial phases! Watch out for more!

People who have a passion for personalization, end of up truly and radically chasing this personal touch in the items that they purchase. They meticulously follow the production line from design to execution, knowing that they will have a timeless piece that is authentically intimate, highlighting their personality, traits and even identity. It’s not an easy task – if you have an eye for details – and I LOVE details – you end up weighing in at every turn – but the result is really breathtaking! It’s like working on a piece of art… you know what I mean?

But such timeless pieces are created by those who give you the platform for it, who provide you with a creative structure to make it happen. By this, I’m referring to exclusive designs – example? A one-time ring, a limited edition, that will never be repeated the same way, that will never be in stock and that will eventually become a family heirloom.

This is the exact explanation of why I reached out to Patrizia to create a ring with Arya’s name. When I first got in touch with her, she explained the process, but when I went to her atelier, it was something else. Besides the personal pieces that she exclusively designs, there are original pieces that she creates with bold features which she graciously combines. Her path is inspirational, to say the least: from the field of production to the beauty of jewelry making, Patrizia is best renowned as a Jewelry Sculptor – presenting a world of her own, beautiful, audacious, and personal.

She designed my ring in Arabic calligraphy to fit every aspect: my hand, my daughter’s name, my personality, and my style. What more could you ask for? Some carry their masterpieces on canvas, I carry mine on my finger!

This is her story.

Have you always been into jewelry?
I always used to wear a lot of rings, I had a deep passion for rings in particular, never knew the reason behind it. Whenever I travel somewhere the first thing I used to buy was rings! I have never been in this field; I didn’t even draw or sculpt. From 2000 till 2012 I was working in Advertising Production until I had a life-changing experience in 2012 when I left to Florence and got introduced to the museum and workshop of Alessandro Dari. A bold decision was taken, I came to Beirut, quit my long career and went to study jewelry sculpting in Florence! I returned back in 2014 and launched Patrizia brand, under the title Think as A Man where 345 rings were featured!

Why did you switch?
Ironically it is one of the toughest questions to answer.
All that I can say is that when I entered the museum/workshop and store of Alessandro Dari I was enchanted by those breathtaking jewelry sculptures. Too much beauty to handle! I stayed around 2hrs there checking every single piece. I just had this strong feeling that I need to switch to this path. I took his card, sent him my CV (that was full of production experiences) because he only chooses 4 students every semester to study with him, whom of course should have experience in wax sculpting for a year – minimum. I was chosen, how I do not know.
Blame it all on destiny 😉

How did you turn passion into a business?
In 2014, I had the chance to either stay there or to return back to Beirut.  I decided I want my home country to be introduced to this kind of art that is to have small sculptures around your fingers. Not only classical rings. It was a tough challenge, but my new passion took over fear and I opened my humble workshop under the name Patrizia with a Z because I wanted my brand to hold an Italian name simply because I have learned my method in Italy/ Firenze in particular. I am forever grateful to my maestro who believed in me since day 1 and gave me this rare opportunity to study the real method from a true craftsman and jeweler.  In Florence, they used to call me Patrizia and not Patricia – the Z in my name there is basically a “tsia,” that became my identity 🙂

How would you describe your atelier and what you do?
A beautiful energy bubble. The moment you enter this place you can feel its warmth and positive vibes. The displays are inspired by nature and urban feel. My designs are spread freely everywhere, I do not imprison them in boxes. I have a small showroom where people can sit and check the rings along coffee and chocolate. Along the showroom, I have two atelier rooms where I work.

That’s a bit of what I do:
It all starts with an idea… and a block of wax.
I do not draw my designs – I, rather, experiment with wax.
You cannot begin to imagine how much fun my work can be.
The wax is a mystic and lenient material. You can add or remove from the design and always get astonishing results. What can I say! I am in love with wax.
When the wax phase is done, I cast and bring it to life with the desired metals and stones, be it Gold, Silver or Bronze.

As you know a Patrizia piece is handmade from A to Z including the packaging. The pouches are inspired by Medieval ages and Renaissance periods. The ring is wrapped around silk fabric; it’s simple for me, I don’t like to imprison my pieces in boxes. My mother personally tailors the packages.

What’s your logo about?
Before becoming my logo, “The Firenze ring” was the first ring I ever created when I was still studying in Florence. I was granted a scholarship because of its concept.
The exercise we had to do was to visit cathedrals and churches in Firenze, stay in them, get inspired and come up with a piece of jewelry. The Firenze logo was inspired by the rose windows that are found in cathedrals. I took one of the arches and created it as a ring. The ring consists of two arches – you can wear one as a pendant.

What inspires you?
I am inspired by the renaissance and medieval periods, towers, crowns, wings, nature, underwater, architecture, cathedrals, mosques, textures of rocks and walls, arabesque art – beautiful stones can make me dream with their colors. My clients inspire me a lot with their stories.

What’s to come?
A lot of things. Currently, I am experimenting with new techniques and substances for my upcoming ring collection, it involves more colors, more textures and a new style inspired by grand artists and names; the collection will be revealed hopefully end of the year!  A teaser 😉

Get in touch with Patrizia:
Facebook: @lapatrizia13
Instagram: @patrizia_jewelry

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