A Leather Bag with a Conscience

Human nature is at its core: emotional. Lately, it’s also becoming sustainably conscious. It’s not just global warming, but the realization that the basic elements of life, those that we take for granted, are actually finite.

We’ve become socially aware that as a human being we are responsible for what happens around us, it is our duty to make sure that the environment that we live in is habitable, clean and prosperous, not only for us, but our kids and the generations to come. This has become to me even more obvious once my baby girl arrived.

This line of thought has led us to commit to a cause(s) and adopt it in every sense of the word. Whether by donating directly or supporting brands that have an environmentally sustainable policy and mission – we can become activists. Every person matters, no matter how small the contribution is.

I’ve recently come across MAHI Leathers. What struck me most, besides the product itself, is the weight of its mission. Donating $1.50 from the sale of each bag to FRANK Water Projects, made me realize the huge impact a simple online purchase could make. We all need bags, but how better would you feel if this simple bag is actually helping families get clean water? It would seriously make your day – everyday!

The relationship between MAHI and FRANK is a strong connection. It’s not about the mere donation but it’s more so about the whole process, from testing water to the actual home delivery in tanks on the roofs.

You see, water is such a given to most of us. It’s like breathing… you don’t really look for it or think of the process that it goes through to become clean. FRANK Water Projects helped 300,000 people gain access to clean water in India. There is yet so many more to help.

I agree; we’re talking about the most basic of human necessities: clean water should be a given… And you would think that it’s just water, right? We can all play a role in helping others – no matter how insignificant we think it is. It has an impact. So, enjoy your leather bag and help out!



Here are their profiles, happy shopping! 

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