A Lifetime Lesson of Beauty

Because I have 30 minutes of “me-time” during the day I decided to look for a new series to fall in love with. I came across the “Medici: Masters of Florence” [click the link, trust me, you’ll love it]. It’s no secret that I’m a huge history buff. Art, museums, books, to walk across Italian streets and marvel at the beauty of every monument and site that surround us.

I grew up in Italy. Gelato was my afternoon snack, Pizza and Pasta my lunch, Venice and Florence, my weekends. So you see, I grew up among beauty and with time, I learned to love it even more through its history. Learned its politics, acute sense of wittiness, elegance, manipulation. Italians do it better – in all fields.

From the Florentine Medici, to the shrewdness of Machiavelli, you have a spectrum of beauty to wonder across. Art and politics do meet, and there is no better place to witness it than in the streets of Italy. With this love for past battles and conquers, I found political science and international affairs to fill the gaps into tracing history and explaining the present – realistically highlighting the potential future.

With this epiphany, I ventured into the field. I learned the ins and outs, the economies, the beauty and the very ugly. I got to turn my passion into my daily job – what more could one ask for? Words became my passion, books my haven, articles my doze of energy. But movies – especially those covering historic events became great!

I spent years in studies and a career of reading and analyzing. Although an exciting ladder for someone who loves international affairs – the movies did add the needed spices to this field. The visual reproduction of those old days, the details and meticulous va et vient of the various discourses made those books become even more relevant.

The first lesson in politics is that the past mattered, and matters still, and that history, does repeat itself. Although movies and series add some spices and colors to those political events, they also help you better see the then unfolding developments and underlying assumptions that we have so desperately read about.

Documentaries are a whole different story. Also fascinating, they give you an a-emotional explanation of what surrounds you, and perhaps better explain – in details – those intriguing events that have left a mark in the past. Have you seen the Castles documentaries? Seriously! Check it out.

Point is… no matter where we look, we see art. There is much history embedded in monuments, houses, paintings, and streets: makes you realize that the past, the beauty in it, never dies or disappears. The ugly teaches you, but the beautiful – that remains forever.

When you keep that in mind and decide to treat every situation with a pinch of beauty, you might be surprised at how bearable any “worst situation” could be. Every situation eventually grows out of your way, and you’ll still be there, with the memories. Take the lesson, but turn it into something beautiful. That lasts forever, for you and for those around you.

It might be an optimistic visualization of life… some situations may be crushing. But the support system around you is there to remind you of the beauty that lies in sentiments, your comfort spaces are there to remind you of those times you cherish the most. When the worst passes, this is what you will be reminded of. Every second is irreplaceable – make it count, make it beautiful.

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