About This

Some drink, talk, love, laugh, cry, sing, walk, shout, curse, blame, hug, kiss, or even go shopping. It’s all great, it’s all right, and most of all it is all real. They’re just different ways of living grief, happiness, or solitude. This is my way. I write.

Words get enchained, and from a sentence to the other I find myself in these writings. They reflect every part of every bit, and most of the time, people whom from my life I would never want to write off. Even if they walk out of my life or life ends for them, they live through my pages, and through every eye that glances at them.

Welcome to my book, you are from hereafter walking through my pages. Watch your steps, and walk on the lines, as much as in between.


Enjoy your stay


All items on this blog are copywritten ©.

3 thoughts on “About This

  1. Love your writing! Cherishing the ones we loved and loved us back..though they are not here..now…But sometimes some people are just not worth it..no matter how great the love!


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